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Parsend focuses on creating logistics & transportation opportunities for all types of businesses. Our website is designed to provide a very simple user experience in providing a thorough ordering process for the kind of delivery you need.

We stand for fast and easy user experience on our website and fast and efficient transportation across the European Union.

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Our large logistics and transportation network enables us to create a specially tailored price algorithm that provides instant price automation according to your shipment.

We provide three delivery options: pallets & non-standard, dedicated van and truck load. You can ship pallets and non-standard items to all countries across the European Union.

Competitive Pricing

Instant Pricing

Instant pricing is a very useful tool that gives you consistent prices for all the routes within the EU. Our instant pricing system enables you;

  • to avoid the waiting times for price quotations
  • to overcome urgent situations that may easily arise from your delivery requirements
  • to optimise your time consumption and costs by being able to easily organise your shipments for a whole period of time beforehand.
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our website is designed to give you the fastest most simple ordering process. Our team stands for providing the most efficient delivery process for all types of businesses.


Our customers will have the opportunity to:

  • Be in contact with one of our logistics specialist during the whole delivery process
  • Create their order in only 3 steps using our instant price algorithm
  • Have their order picked up within 2 hours (95% success rate)
  • Track their order anytime using our website.
  • Reach us using the live chat option for 7 days in a week.