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It is very important to make sure you follow the instructions exactly right for the safety of your delivery.

You will need the following materials to ensure your packaging is right:


Adhesive tape




Styrofoam and/or any other cushioning materials


New and rigid box

  • New Box – Make sure to use a new, rigid, dry box without any holes or damage. Damaged boxes are always a high risk for a secure transportation process.
  • No Empty Space – When a shipment item is placed in an unnecessarily larger box there is a risk of getting damaged during the shipment. Make sure to use the proper size of the box, and not to leave empty space. You can use cushioning material such as crumpled paper or styrofoam
  • Sealing – Use sealing tape for top and bottom. Make sure to cover all the edges and consider stapling your box if it is too heavy. You can use adhesive tape for the sealing of your box.
  • Bubble Wrap – Use bubble wrap to cover the shipment content at least 3 times before you place it in the box. Bubble wrap is an important safety measure to prevent any damage coming to your delivery item.
  • Heavy Weights – If you are shipping heavyweights such as electrical components, or car parts, etc. make sure that your box is strong enough. We recommend double-boxing in these cases. Also make sure to put plenty of air cushioning to bottom, top, and both sides.
Please make sure that your shipment is properly packed before the pick-up of your delivery. The courier will not be involved in the packaging of shipment.