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Parsend is designed to give the fastest delivery experience in professional quality. Of course, one important part of this vision is to provide a user experience that will go through each order in the fastest way without any problems. Instant pricing is one of the tools that contribute to Parsend’s user experience quality.

Instant Pricing Advantages


With the instant pricing tool you will be able to:

  1. See prices for every delivery option simultaneously;
  2. See prices for every package type instantly;
  3. See prices adjustments based on the properties of your packages (quantity, weight, etc.);
  4. See price adjustments based on the exclusive choices like non-stackable pallets, Cooler and ADR.

All route prices outside the given limitations are calculated instantly.

Instant Pricing Limitations


  1. Prices for orders with a total weight above 1300kg will be calculated on request;
  2. Prices for Non-Standard shipments will be calculated on request as their shipment is organized irregularly;
  3. Prices for orders to Non-EU countries will be calculated on request.
Parsend offers VAT deduction for companies who are registered as VAT payers in European Union. For such shipment orders the VAT deduction will be made after the automatic VAT check at the end of your order.