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Pick up in 2 hours

For all Dedicated Van orders that were placed until 4PM (GMT +2) our estimated pick up time is in 2 hours. This is an average rate of time that is given by our 95% success rate. This specialty is valid for all orders made within the EU.

Important tips

  • Make sure the address information is correct, reachable and active;
  • After your order confirmation, you’ll receive the information of your driver and vehicle, so there’ll be no confusion during the meetup.

Free insurance up to €70,000

The safety of any shipment is one of the most important things we put value on. Our carrier partners are firstly chosen by their sensitivity on the safety of the shipment packages. The transportation insurance we have covers up to €70,000.

Important tips

  • Make sure to take photos of your shipment packages. This will be a useful tool for safety measures;
  • If you’re concerned about an extra fragile item in the shipment please inform this to our customer support prior to the order.

Instant Pricing

Parsend is designed to give the fastest delivery experience in professional quality. Of course, one important part of this vision is to provide a user experience that will go through each order in the fastest way without any problems. Instant pricing is one of the tools that contribute to Parsend’s user experience quality.


With the instant pricing tool you will be able to:

  1. See prices for every delivery option simultaneously;
  2. See price adjustments based on the properties of your packages (quantity, weight, etc.);
  3. See price adjustments based on the exclusive choices like non-stackable pallets, Cooler and ADR.


Exceeding limitations that will put your order calculation on request are:

  1. Prices for Non-Standard shipments will be calculated on request as their shipment is organised irregularly;
  2. Prices for orders that are outside the given limitations (quantity, weight, etc.) will be calculated on request.
  3. Prices for orders to Non-EU countries will be calculated on request.
Photo of your packed items

Once your driver is there for pickup make sure to take a photo of your packed items. Please upload this photo into our order management page with your unique order number. This is going to be an important tool for the safety of your shipment.

Sea Traveling

If your shipment route includes sea traveling then the delivery times may be affected due to port scheduling, and weather issues.

Customer Service

In case of any questions, you can contact our customer service at any time. Our customer support is available via phone, live chat and email.

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