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Prepare delivery items for pallet loading

Pallets are flat transport structures that support the stability of the goods being transported and carried around. They are a big part of logistics and transportation.

If your choice of shipment is with pallets you’ll need to keep a few things in mind to make the transportation process smooth enough.

As the sender of the goods, you should have a basic idea of how the preparation of the packaging and positioning should be when it comes to pallets.

Important Steps

  1. Pallets are used to carry large and heavy items in a safe way so make sure that your pallet is sturdy and not broken;
  2. Pallets are usually handled with forklifts, so it would be most useful to use a pallet with four-way forklift entry;
  3. In the freight process it is very important to keep the items in the most solid and steady position possible so make sure not to exceed the capacity of your pallet;
  4. If your items are stackable make sure that your cartons are brand new and in good shape as it will support the stacking process;
  5. Before securing the cartons with both stapling and sealing make sure to fill in the empty spots inside the carton with the proper amount of dunnage;
  6. The positioning of the boxes are very important to secure the safety of the shipment items. Pay attention to the top layer of the stack and make sure it is flat, not a pyramid. Also, make sure that the boxes do not extend the pallet borders.

Stretch Wrapping

  • Use stretch wrapping to stabilize the load on the pallet. You can start by wrapping the pallet and going towards the top from there. Plastic wrapping will be a big help to keep all the items together in one place;
  • Make sure that the wrapping is tight pretty much everywhere, and use the twisting technique to strengthen the tightness in necessary spots (edges & corners). Keep in mind that wrapping is not enough by itself to stabilize the shipping items on the pallet. You’ll have to use strapping or banding together with wrapping to reach full stability.
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