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For the shipment process to go without any problems there are several things that the sender needs to make sure before the delivery starts. Please read the following carefully and make sure you attend to the issues mentioned.


Please make sure that the address provided in the order is correct, reachable by truck, and active. Irregular locations that are not subject to regular deliveries can cause problems.

Contact Details

Please make sure that the contact information of both the sender and receiver of delivery is correct.


Please make sure to be at the pickup address at the time of pickup. Also please make sure that the receiver is scheduled to be at the delivery address at the time of delivery. Our drivers do not usually have the time to wait long as they need to move on to the next orders.


It is very important that the packaging of your shipment items are done accurately so that the safety of your items is ensured. You can read the packaging instructions we prepared for you.

You must not forget to tape your shipment label on your packages. The shipment label is sent to you via email upon confirmation of order.


Photos of your packed items before delivery are helpful files to keep in our system to provide better customer support in necessary cases. Make sure to include the shipment label in your photo. Please upload the photos in your account page, or send an email to [email protected] with your order number as the subject.