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Stackable Pallets

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Stacking is basically positioning the boxes on top of each other in an orderly fashion such that they won’t fall or move.

It is the most organized and efficient way to ensure the stability and safety of the transported goods.

If there are multiple items to be delivered the safest way to load them on the pallets is stacking.

Advantages of Stacking

Stacking is a great aspect of logistics which makes things a lot easier for the courier, the logistic warehouses, the sender and the receiver of the shipment.

Stacked items are kept in one place, they are easier to move around, and to be stored in an orderly fashion. They are also much safer from the damages that may occur during the process of delivery.

How to start Stacking?

Start by placing the heaviest items on the bottom of the pallet;

Pay attention not to exceed the edges of the pallet when positioning the goods.

They should be close to the edges, but never over;

Make sure that the top surface of the stacked items is not pyramid-shaped. The best way to go is to keep the top surface as flat as possible. Keep in mind that the main thing here is to keep the stability at the maximum level.

Do not go too high stacking the boxes on top of each other as it will conflict the stability of the pallet, and might become a difficulty for the vehicle of the courier. The maximum height should not exceed 220cm.

Do not go too heavy on the pallet with the weight of the boxes as it might become difficult to move around with forklifts. The maximum additional load can be up to 4000kg when stacking the items.