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Parsend is focused on the concept of express delivery and provides 3 options for countries across the European Union. The Super Express Delivery option is our second fastest option.

The Advantages of SUPER Express Shipment

The delivery time is a maximum of 24 hours for all kinds of package types. There is a distance limit of up to 1100km from your pickup location. Once your booking is confirmed your driver will be scheduled and you’ll be given pick-up time. At this point, you need to make sure that you are prepared before your driver arrives for pick-up.

Super Express Delivery 24 hours

Delivery in 24 hours


Suitable for critical timing issues

Some Important Notes

  • Please make sure that the delivery address is correct, reachable and active;
  • Please make sure that the receiver of the shipment is scheduled to be at the stated address at the time of delivery. Our driver will try to contact the receiver prior to arrival anyway, but please pay attention that the drivers have usually limited time therefore very little time to wait;
  • Make sure that the packaging of your shipment is accurate and ready to be shipped. Here are the packaging instructions for all types of packages.
Photo of your packed items

Once your driver is there for pickup make sure to take a photo of your packed items. Please upload this photo into our order management page with your unique order number. This is going to be an important tool for the safety of your shipment.

Sea Traveling

If your shipment route includes sea traveling then the delivery times may be affected due to port scheduling, and weather issues.

Customer Service

In case of any questions, you can contact our customer service at any time. Our customer support is available via phone, live chat and email.