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All products which deteriorate over time when exposed to certain environmental conditions such as extreme temperature and humidity are considered as perishable items and require special care.

Every category of shipping products has their own specific delivery requirements and it is critical to set the appropriate shipping atmosphere to keep the quality standards optimum. Perishable items such as pharmaceuticals, plants, seafood, dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables require stable temperature levels to stay fresh and unspoiled.

Temperature Control Limited Capacity

Limited Capacity

Temperature-controlled transport involves limited capacity with the additional cooler equipment. The additional insulation material around the truck, plus the space reserved for cooler equipment reduces the truck space which in turn gives a higher price ratio for the same load.

Temperature Control Packaging


One of the very important things to consider is to include temperature control in the packaging of the products. Some of the insulation materials such as radiant barrier films, expanded polystyrene foam, rigid polyurethane foam are critical in maintaining the insulation levels which will reduce the temperature transfer in and out of your package.

Gel coolants are also ideal for cool temperature requirements. It’s recommended to freeze the coolants before use. Dried ice is also used but they have the risk to leak during shipment and require extra care. Generally, cool temperature-sensitive items are wrapped with paper towels to prevent any leakage that might ruin the packaging.

For your temperature-sensitive items you can choose our “Cooler” option.
We provide you with the Proof of Delivery & temperature report after the shipment is finalized.